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Who We Are

We are in the industry to make the difference.

HotSoft is a registered IT Company based in Antwerp, Belgium in 1998. We are specializing in the Diamond ERP & Inventory system & other software developments like web development, Jewelry software, accounting software, inventory management, E-commerce, ERP Solutions and server renting.

Our Diamond ERP & Inventory system is well advanced with highly secured server system and being used by more than 1000+ companies across the world. Our service includes Software making, customizing and providing Technical supports. It is our goal to modernize the IT system every year, thus we use modern computer technologies and programming languages is one of our concerns.

We are in the industry to make the difference and that’s only possible through using cutting edge technologies and managing to meet customer expectations. Whether you are a Startup, Mid-size or Large Enterprise Diamond & Jewelry Industry , we are always there to scale your business. With having qualified staffs, trained professionals and industry leaders, we just make sure our clients are given the right solutions at hand.
Services should be significant and result-driven. From accessing what a business needs exactly to the current requirement, that’s where our superiority lies. We provide Result-Oriented Software, Web, Mobile & Creative Designing Solutions & Services to Diamond Trading Companies globally. All we guarantee is to show respect and sensitivity towards your concern and requirements. That’s how we easily provide measurable business values to Large Enterprise Diamond & Jewellery Industry by far. In the event our services are needed, I hope you will not hesitate to call on us!

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