Get organized with your Jewelry business
Fully tailor made solution from diamond to Jewelry manufacturing and trading
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Get organized with your Diamond business
100% customize solution for diamond trading, accounting and manufacturing
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Get A Bird's Eye View Of Your Business
Let’s you give a 360 view of the business and make you sure that you are in the right path towards success
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A robust Diamond & Jewelry ERP & CRM Software with Dynamic Features

Tailor-made solution to meet your day-to-day business needs

DiamTrade ( Desktop ) is the World's First and only Desktop Application to Offer 100% Customization to Suffice All Your Business Requirements. It is a Complete ERP & CRM with Unlimited Features including Full Customization & Support.

DiamTrade ( Desktop ) is a Tailor-Made Desktop Application for All Types of Diamond & Jewelry Businesses. DiamTrade covers all Faces of Your Organization including but not Limited to Inventory Management, Data Security, Crystal Clear Business Trading, Multinational Currency, CRM, Administration, MIS Reporting and Much More.

Product Features


Fully Customizable

Tailor made solution for your business and create your own customize reports

Customer Relation Module CRM

Helps you to manage and analyse your customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle with a goal to improve customer service relationship and assisting in your customer retention and driving sales

Inventory and Account

Access your Inventory & account, manage your business and stay organize anytime

Cash Flow Management

Track your funds with all your outstanding payments and receipts on future dates

Multi Company & Users

Control your multi company books with robust user roles & permissions. Users can access your books for seamless collaboration

MIS Reporting & Scheduling

Instantly see how your business is performing with customizable reports and dashboards

Stock Tracking &

Track your goods, starting from purchases through all processes till final sales

Unlimited support

If you need help, support is available with answers to your questions and information on running your business

IFRS Auditing

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for country jurisdictions that either require or allow its use for the preparation of financial statements


Can Manage Invoices, Payment & Receipt in multiple currencies


Create Customised & professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that you can send in minutes

Document Management

Organise and backup all your original documents for future reference

Contract Manufacturing

Manage you manufacturing stock flow with added labour and outstandings

Jewelry Job bag

Creating and issuing job-bags to your Jewelry manufactures / contactors for finish Jewelry processing

Certification and Auto fetch

Send good for certification to labs like GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL, etc. Fetch properties & set lab charges automatically

Website Integration

Upload your inventory to Rapnet, Idex, Bluenile, James Allen, etc. or any web platform as per your needs

Assortment Module

Special diversify factory assortments, integrate customize pricelist


Manage your partnership funds and share profitability

Broker's module

Create commission slips between vendors and convert multiple slips to invoices

Department Concept

Department manager can manage and distribute his stock seamlessly

Salesman Portfolio

Salesman can manage their own customer’s portfolio

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DiamTrade is a complete ERP solution required in Diamond and Jewel industry. You can get it installed on your servers or rent our highly secured servers
DiamTrade is an offline ERP solution that is compatible in only windows OS. If you are an iOS user, you can get the product installed in your parallel desktop
DiamTrade includes all features required to a CVD trader as well as a jeweler. For Jewelers we help you create and issue a jobbag and receive the final jewelry.
Certified as well as Non-certified Color Stones along with auto-fetch certificate properties is included in DiamTrade. Just add the lab and certificate number and we will save your valuable time by fetching all other details for you just in a single click.
The product price has to be paid only once, yearly license renewal charges is 15% of the product price paid which includes license to use product, new versions, new features and unlimited support.
DiamTrade provides you a ready-made CSV file which you can upload on GST websites in one click.
We customize the reports required by you for your future reference, design invoices for your offices and develop new features which are feasible and needed for trade. In a nutshell, DiamTrade will save your time designing your own ERP solution and give you a feel as if it's designed just for you
DiamTrade comes with scheduling your tasks, you can set your scheduler to upload your stock on renowned websites like Rapnet, IDEX, BlueNile, James Allen, etc. You can get it uploaded even on your own website or any other third party website in just one go
We provide you reports based on your Lot No. which tracks your stone right when it entered the office till the final sale was executed
All screens of DiamTrade comes with an option of exporting your data be it in excel, e-mail or a CSV file